VOLUME LASHING is a new and exciting technique that originated from Russia that allows clients to have safe, yet STUNNING volume.  in my 10-plus years of lashing, clients were limited to the number of lashes they had.  this was the “safe” way of applying lashes without compromising their own lashes…but clients always wanted “more more and more”.  now they can!!!  with the use of lighter and thinner lashes,  we’re able to apply more lashes to each natural lash…up to 9 lashes per real lash!  this opens the door to a world of opportunities.  the thinner and lighter lashes means a better distribution of the lash base, so not only does this mean more volume and fuller lashes for the client, but it is also easier to maintain and makes for softer lashes!


While some clients may not feel that volume lashes are for them, we still offer classic lashes


classic lashing, similar to volume lashing, is a product and technique allows you to enhance your own eyelashes with synthetic lashes, but are applied one at a time to your existing ones. they are attached using a special bonding agent that doesn’t normally cause any irritation, giving you thicker, longer lashes.


lash extensions are semi-permanent, so maintenance is needed every 2-4 weeks, depending on both the cycle of your own lashes and outside factors such as how you generally care for your lashes and your lifestyle.

the lashes come in various lengths and are naturally curled. you will no longer have to use an eyelash curler or mascara!!! eyes of all colors, shapes and sizes become accentuated.

these lashes look, feel and wear like your own natural lashes; so natural, you don’t even know they are there. the results are long, luxurious, natural-looking lashes!!! they are also excellent for special occasions and holidays!

please note that the initial set can take up to two hours. touch-ups normally take 30 mins or more, depending on the condition of your lashes.





– your lashes will need minimal care, however it is NECESSARY that you avoid oil-based eye products, as these will loosen the bond of your lashes
– avoid getting your lashes wet within the first 24 hours after your application
– for the first two days after application, it is best to avoid swimming, saunas or steam rooms
– avoid using waterproof mascara…it is recommended that you use only the mascara purchased from your esthetician
– do not use an eyelash curler, perm or tint your lashes
– do not pick, pull or rub your lashes
– it is recommended that you return for a re-lash application every 2-4 weeks to replace any fallen or outgrown lashes

the best advice given to clients is to “AVOID THE LASHES AT ALL COST!!!”


please note that once lashes are applied, there are no refunds for the service provided. we will do what we can to make sure you leave happy.