Bridal Trial: $350 (3hrs in-studio)

Bridal makeup & hair: $800 (include brow shaping, long lasting airbrush application, & custom false lashes)

Bridal Party’s makeup & hair: $125 per service (hair or makeup … airbrush foundation & custom false lashes included)

Bridal Makeup & Hair Touch-up: $300 (2hrs, not including travel fee and no split shift from first application finish time to touch-up time).

Full-day Bridal Beauty: $1500 (8hrs total, non-split shift) including 2nd makeup look & 2nd hairstyle.

Casual Engagement makeup & hair: $300 for weekday, add $100 if on weekend (in studio only)



Travel fees: $1.50 per mile round trip if more than 20 miles

Travel fee to SF: $150 (valet required for hotels). Napa Valley locations: $375 and up


TO SAVE THE DATE & TIME:  a signed contract and a $400 non-refundable deposit is required to have your date saved.


Wedding Hair mdskinandbeauty
Wedding Hair mdskinandbeauty